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First ever Android app by Apple to help Android users switch to iPhone

Apple will simultaneously release an Android app, a first for the company, that makes it easy for users to back up contacts, calendar information, bookmarks, photos and videos, messages, mail accounts, wallpapers and “DRM-free songs and books,” as well as a list of installed apps, for transition to Android.



Apple’s new iOS 9 software stays a step ahead of you

The mobile operating system offers a bunch of new functions to predict users’ needs for music, email and more. Apple also unveils updates to its Maps app and News, a news-reading app.

Source: Apple’s new iOS 9 software stays a step ahead of you – CNET


Toronto the only Canadian city with transit directions in redesigned iOS 9 Apple Maps

Toronto is to be the only Canadian city with transit directions in iOS 9’s redesigned Maps app.

When Apple Maps debuted, it was considered one of the least usable Apple products ever created, but has slowly improved with more accurate topography and more nuanced navigation directions. One of the lasting omissions, however, was transit directions, which helps companies like Citymapper, Moovit and Montreal’s Transit App to pick up the slack.

Source: Toronto to be sole Canadian city with transit directions in redesigned iOS 9 Apple Maps |

Canada’s Rogers Wireless Also Confirms Support For iOS 8’s Wi-Fi Calling

It’s good news for our Canadian readers as Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest wireless carrier, has become the second carrier to confirm support for Apple’s Wi-Fi calling feature in iOS 8.

6 Top Features in OS X Yosemite | Apple WWDC 2014 [Video]

Check out the top 6 features in OX X Yosemite by Apple WWDC 2014. This video was uploaded by Mashable on

50 Best iPhone Apps 2014

From mainstay essentials to notable newcomers, here’s the 2014 edition of our 50 Best iPhone Apps list.

Apple Taps Into Twitter, Buying Social Analytics Firm Topsy

Apple recently acquired social-media analytics firm Topsy Labs Inc. for more than $200 million, according to people familiar with the matter. Topsy specializes in analyzing the global conversation on Twitter. Its tools can decipher how often a term is tweeted, find an influential person on a specific subject, or measure the exposure of an event or campaign.

App Developers Double Dip By Charging For iOS 7 Updates

Each major 1.0 release of iOS marks an opportunity for app developers to go back to the drawing board. And with its radically new design language and hundreds of new APIs, devs are seeing iOS 7 as not only a clean slate, but a chance to earn more money off their existing apps.

Attention, Retailers: Apple Has Figured Out Mobile Marketing

For some time now, manufacturers and retailers have looked for the best ways to leverage smartphones as part of the in-store shopping experience. Experiments with QR codes and other programs have failed to yield the kind of mass market adoption that was originally envisioned.

Analyst: Apple iWatch is actually a home automation play, not a smartphone companion

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch launched a couple of weeks ago as a fat, ugly, and expensive smartphone accessory that our own Devindra Hardawar called “relentlessly inessential.” That’s not where Apple is going with iWatch.