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First ever Android app by Apple to help Android users switch to iPhone

Apple will simultaneously release an Android app, a first for the company, that makes it easy for users to back up contacts, calendar information, bookmarks, photos and videos, messages, mail accounts, wallpapers and “DRM-free songs and books,” as well as a list of installed apps, for transition to Android.



Apple’s new iOS 9 software stays a step ahead of you

The mobile operating system offers a bunch of new functions to predict users’ needs for music, email and more. Apple also unveils updates to its Maps app and News, a news-reading app.

Source: Apple’s new iOS 9 software stays a step ahead of you – CNET

50 Best iPhone Apps 2014

From mainstay essentials to notable newcomers, here’s the 2014 edition of our 50 Best iPhone Apps list.

App Developers Double Dip By Charging For iOS 7 Updates

Each major 1.0 release of iOS marks an opportunity for app developers to go back to the drawing board. And with its radically new design language and hundreds of new APIs, devs are seeing iOS 7 as not only a clean slate, but a chance to earn more money off their existing apps.

Attention, Retailers: Apple Has Figured Out Mobile Marketing

For some time now, manufacturers and retailers have looked for the best ways to leverage smartphones as part of the in-store shopping experience. Experiments with QR codes and other programs have failed to yield the kind of mass market adoption that was originally envisioned.

Video: Campus Quad iOS app – Case Study preview

A sneak peek of the new client work, an iOS app for Campus Quad. Our team handled everything from UX, visual design and branding to iPhone app and back-end development. Thanks to our full-service approach, we managed to complete the project in just two months. The complete case study will be available on our new website this November.

Video: All iPhone models speed test

EverythingApplePro ran a complete speed test on all versions of iPhone starting from iPhone 2G to the latest version of 5s and 5c that came out last month. This short 2 minutes and 50 seconds video is for all Apple iPhone lovers. A comparison of all iPhones every released iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G.

iPhone 5s camera comparison test

One of the new features of the iPhone 5s is its improved camera with a larger sensor and more pixels. Apple decided this was the best approach to improve its new camera. It’s certainly a much different approach than one of their competitors, Nokia, which went with a 41-megapixel sensor — a number that dwarfs the Apple camera’s 8 megapixels.

With iOS 7 Looming, Should You Wait To Upgrade?

Apple‘s biggest change to iOS becomes available to the general public tomorrow. Ever since it was shown off in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the more colorful revamp to the company’s smartphone and tablet operating system has generated a lot of interest, both positive and negative.

Tricks All The New iOS 7 Users Should Know

It can be confusing, but we’re here to help. iOS 7 has all sorts of nifty little tricks tucked away in places that are in no way immediately obvious, especially if you haven’t followed Tim Cook’s every word along the way. If you’ve been using iOS 7 for a while, you might know some of these. Hell, you might know most of these. But we tried to cover the bases to make sure that most people learn a thing or two. (Know all of these? You’re way cool, high five.