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Ex-BlackBerry CEO Admits Why its Most Important Device Failed

After Apple unveiled the iPhone as an AT&T exclusive in 2007, Research in Motion (which has since rebranded as BlackBerry) rushed to released a competing product, the BlackBerry Storm, under pressure from Verizon Wireless. The Storm, however, didn’t match the hardware or software features of the iPhone and turned into a flop.

Source: Ex-BlackBerry CEO Admits Why its Most Important Device Failed


BlackBerry Confirms New Round of Job Cuts Worldwide

BlackBerry is making some job cuts worldwide, and its devices business seems to be the most affected. BlackBerry confirmed the move but has not specified how many employees are being let go, but did send out a statement in response to the news:“We continue to grow customer-facing teams around the world, and we continue to invest in bringing in new talent to support areas of strategic focus around software, enterprise, security and the Internet of Things, for

Source: BlackBerry Confirms New Round of Job Cuts Worldwide | N4BB

BlackBerry Porsche Design P9982: A $2,350 Version

Like some of the previous Porsche Design BlackBerry handsets, the P’9982 is just a rebadged version of a current phone. In this case, the companies have taken the BlackBerry Z10, which was released in May, and redesigned it with “high-quality materials.”

Apple Inc looks to poach BlackBerry Ltd workers in Waterloo

Apple Inc. has all but destroyed BlackBerry Ltd.’s business model and now it’s after the Canadian company’s decimated workforce. Just days after BlackBerry Ltd. revealed plans to lay off 40% of its global workforce amid disastrous financial results, representatives from smartphone rival Apple Inc. hosted a recruitment drive roughly 20 kilometres away from the embattled technology company’s Waterloo, Ont. home base.

Rogers won’t be carrying the BlackBerry Z30

Some bad news on the Z30 front. It looks like longtime BlackBerry supporter Rogers won’t be stocking the BlackBerry Z30 – at all. Various reports have confirmed that Rogers is passing on the upcoming device and will stick with the current devices. This comes as a big surprise to BlackBerry fans since Rogers has stocked all of the top BlackBerry models over the last few years. They’ve most recently offered up the Z10, Q10 and Q5 but sadly won’t be making the move to the Z30.

Blackberry Posts User Guides for iOS & Android Versions Of BBM Ahead Of Launch

The launch of BBM for iOS and Android appears to be imminent, as BlackBerry has accidentally published user guides for its forthcoming mobile messaging apps to its own website: here (iOS) and here (Android). The guides explain in detail how the apps function, how to get started, and their various feature sets.

Canada to BlackBerry: Canadian government won’t step in to lend a hand

Despite the mobile technology company’s ongoing struggles, the Canadian government won’t step in to lend a hand. If a turnaround is in the cards for the beleaguered mobile phone manufacturer BlackBerry, it must pull it off on its own. The Canadian government won’t lend a hand.

How BlackBerry Handled Past Wealth

It started in an unlikely place, far from the headquarters of more established technology companies, and grew to become a dominant player.

ONE App Developer Responsible for 47,000+ Apps in BlackBerry World?

One-Third Of BlackBerry World Apps Come From The Same Developer. BlackBerry World is reporting that S4BB has over 47,000+ Apps in BlackBerry World. The first 20-30 actually seem like good to decent quality legitimate apps and then it rapidly goes downhill.

Where the BlackBerry still reigns supreme [Report]

Research In Motion’s CEO Thorsten Heins was in Indonesia, where the BlackBerry product still holds the lead against the competition and sales are soaring even further with the launch of BBM voice.