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Samsung wins disclosure on the Apple and HTC’s settlement agreement

Earlier this month Samsung requested the court to force Apple to turn over their settlement agreement with HTC. Samsung believes that the agreement will allow them a vital insight into Apple’s strategy on licensing/patents and use it to their advantage in their disputes.

Introducing Apple employee: Mr. Sam Sung

TWITTER is going nuts over a picture of a business card belonging to an Apple employee Sam Sung. No confirmation has been received on the authenticity of the card and if the employee really exists, but the viral marketing definitely seems to be working.

Camera Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC [Video]

Hardware.Info compared the video quality of four popular smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S III, Apple iPhone 5, HTC 8X and HTC One X+. This was done both outside in daylight and indoors with modest lighting.

Hands-on with the MOGA Android gaming controller [Video]

Dual Analog sticks, shoulder triggers and four action buttons. The MOGA controller makes gaming much better as you can see in this video with the Galaxy Note II and HTC Droid DNA.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a gutsy effort by Samsung to deliver something different in a smartphone. The lure of the Note 2 is a gamble of epic proportions. I’ve seen large phones before, but Samsung takes things to another level, letting its super-AMOLED screen grow to a whopping 5.5 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S III Steals iPhone’s Crown

The Samsung Galaxy S III was the best-selling smartphone of the third quarter, said Strategy Analytics. Its data shows Samsung sold 18 million of them during the July – September period.