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Microsoft signs Android and Chrome patent deal with Foxconn parent Hon Hai

Microsoft signs Android and Chrome patent deal with Foxconn parent Hon Hai (via The Inquirer)

SOFTWARE LICENSING OPERATOR Microsoft has signed a licensing deal with Foxconn’s parent Hon Hai Precision Industry as part of its long-running Android licensing scheme. Microsoft has been steadily licensing software patents to Android device makers for years and has managed to get firms like HTC and…

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 coming in January!!

Microsoft has confirmed on their blog that Surface with Windows 8 will be available in January, but all that comes at a hefty price. The entry-level Surface with Windows 8 Pro will ship with 64GB of solid-state storage for $899. A second version with the same specs but 128GB of storage will go for $999. The Surface RT was released with modest sales and has yet to make a breakthrough in the competition, now Microsoft pricing their updated tablet within the notebook range will certainly raise some concerns.


HTC Windows Phone 8X Review! [Video]

Quick Review of the HTC Windows Phone 8X running on AT&T by the WPexperts. The 8X is fitted with a 4.3″ Super LCD screen, Near Field Communication, BEATS Audio, and an 8MP camera with BSI sensor that helps with low-light performance.


Nokia Lumia 820 review: a less expensive option for the Windows Phone crowd

The Lumia 820 has been tucked away behind the shadow of its bigger brother ever since it was revealed, but if any phone represents the Windows Phone 8 vision — different phones for different people — it’s this next-generation Lumia.

Nokia Lumia 920 Drop Test [Video]

This is a drop test video on the Nokia Lumina 920. The phone drops from the waist, the chest and the head to show our viewers idea on how the phone will fare if you drop it in real life. Also, the drop test indicates the overall durability of the Nokia Lumia 920 phone.