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Visualized: Inside the Vertu workshop, where phones are made by hand (video)

While not everyone’s comfortable with splashing out on a fancy Vertu phone, there’s no stopping us from appreciating the company’s craftsmanship and engineering expertise since its Nokia days.

Video: LG G Flex Smartphone Heals itself of Scratches

LG G Flex has a Self Healing cover that helps the device’s back recover from light scratches within minutes. Watch the video to find out how long it takes to heal itself and how durable the LG G Flex is. Also LG G Flex’s strong durability restores its original curved form even after it is pressed completely flat. LG’s curved smartphone, the G Flex, has a lot of cool specifications– a 6-inch screen, a flexible plastic body that can be pushed flat without breaking and an ultra-thin, high-resolution display.

Video: Rogers suretap: Turn your wireless smartphone into a mobile wallet

Rogers™ suretap™ is a new service that turns your wireless smartphone into a mobile wallet. Instead of fumbling for cash, quickly pay for small purchases, up to $50 at the coffee shop or grocery store via your compatible Rogers device. It’s already accepted at tens of thousands of merchants; just look for the contactless logo.

Video: Android Themer by MyColorScreen

This is a great tool for customizing your Android operating system phones with a few taps. Check out the video to see how this works.

Video: Mobile messaging app Line has 230 million users In India, Prepares for Bollywood Marketing Push

LINE, which was originally created by NHN Japan (part of South Korea’s NHN Corp), bagged a big following in Japan in 2011 and 2012 before spreading its net wider to target markets outside Asia, including Spain and South America. It’s been steadily adding to its registered users count ever since, as well as extending its feature set (most recently adding video calling and Vine-esque video clips).

See the slides below of LINE: The Social Network success story

Video: Campus Quad iOS app – Case Study preview

A sneak peek of the new client work, an iOS app for Campus Quad. Our team handled everything from UX, visual design and branding to iPhone app and back-end development. Thanks to our full-service approach, we managed to complete the project in just two months. The complete case study will be available on our new website this November.

Video: All iPhone models speed test

EverythingApplePro ran a complete speed test on all versions of iPhone starting from iPhone 2G to the latest version of 5s and 5c that came out last month. This short 2 minutes and 50 seconds video is for all Apple iPhone lovers. A comparison of all iPhones every released iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G.

Video: Tips & Tricks to Customize Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Screen

Just got a new phone Samsung Galaxy S4 and want to customize your phone. Here is a short video clip showing tips and tricks to customize Samsung Galaxy S4 Home Screen. Manage Apps and Widgets. Learn how to add new folders on your phone and remove and add new themes and apps.

Three foreign telcos besides Verizon eyed entering Canada [Video]

The three companies are said to have been Vodafone, AT&T and Norway’s Telenor. Another source says an overseas foreign telco inquired about the upcoming spectrum auction, but was counseled not to bother. That source declined to identify the company. For much of the summer, it was believed U.S. carrier Verizon was interested in bidding for wireless spectrum in Canada in the upcoming spectrum auction.

Apple – iPhone 5s – The new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor [Video]

Watch the official Apple iPhone 5s video. Your fingerprint is the perfect password. You always have it with you. And no two are exactly alike. So it made sense to create a simple, seamless way to use it as a password.