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Microsoft Has Just Launched Its First Android Smartphone, The Nokia X2

The Nokia X2 is not the first Android device Microsoft owns, being as Redmond took over Nokia’s mobile making division in April – a move which brought the original Nokia X device under its wing.

Install To Homescreen’ For Web Apps With Support For Full-Screen Mode And Task-Switcher Integration

Starting with the upcoming version 31, Chrome for Android Beta will support adding web apps to the home screen via an option in the overflow menu. These apps will still run in a sandboxed Chrome environment, but they will also be integrated with the operating system in a few interesting ways.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition Available for iOS and Android! [Video]

Rockstar Games announced that GTA: Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition is available for iOS via the App Store and for Android through Google Play on December 6th. The price is fixed at a reasonable $4.99 for both versions. The game brings the full experience on these mobile platforms, with native high-resolution graphics and several enhancements unique to each platforms.

Full Nexus 4 review & walkthrough [Video]

Here you will find a full and in-depth video review of the new Google Nexus 4 from LG. The phone is running on the latest version of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The review covers all of the goodies such as performance, screen quality and size, usability, camera and all other features.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a gutsy effort by Samsung to deliver something different in a smartphone. The lure of the Note 2 is a gamble of epic proportions. I’ve seen large phones before, but Samsung takes things to another level, letting its super-AMOLED screen grow to a whopping 5.5 inches.

Android now accounts for 72% of worldwide smartphone market

Android now accounts for 72.4% of the market for smartphone operating systems, up from 52.5% in the period a year earlier. A big chunk of that gain was attributed to Samsung, which sold 55 million smartphones. The bulk of Samsung’s smartphones run on Android.

Nexus 4 reviewed: A fantastic phone, even without LTE

Google is continuing to push its direct-to-consumer Android brand with the Nexus 4 smartphone built by LG. The handset showcases the new Android 4.2 software while also improving hardware over the prior model: Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.

Nokia to Offer Its Maps for iPhones and Android Phones

Nokia still hasn’t found its way to a successful comeback in the smartphone market. But the company is hoping to get its tentacles into competitors’ phones through mapping applications, a move it hopes will help it improve its maps.

Apple and HTC settle global patent war

Apple Inc and HTC Corp announced on Saturday a global patent settlement and 10-year licensing agreement that ends one of the first major conflagrations of the smartphone patent wars.

Android Open Source Project on Sony Xperia S [Video]

For some time now, Jean-Baptiste Quéru (JBQ), technical lead of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) at Google, have been working to get the AOSP running on Xperia™ S. Today, Sony takes lead on the project and we are moving the AOSP on Xperia S project from the main branch of the AOSP to a Sony git on GitHub. This video shows the latest status of the project. Read more on Developer World:…