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50 Best iPhone Apps 2014

From mainstay essentials to notable newcomers, here’s the 2014 edition of our 50 Best iPhone Apps list.

Heyday a new App Is a Journal of Your Life

There’s a new app called Heyday that compiles photos you’ve taken and places you’ve gone to write a diary for you. Heyday has been 18 months in the works by a team in San Francisco, in part because it is engineered to give users the option to store all the personal information they give the app only on their phone, rather than on the company’s servers.

App Developers Double Dip By Charging For iOS 7 Updates

Each major 1.0 release of iOS marks an opportunity for app developers to go back to the drawing board. And with its radically new design language and hundreds of new APIs, devs are seeing iOS 7 as not only a clean slate, but a chance to earn more money off their existing apps.

Apple Purchases Embark to Improve Maps App

Apple Purchases Embark to Improve Maps App (via slashdot)

Another month, another sign that Apple is rushing to improve its Maps application before iOS 7 makes its debut this fall. Apple has acquired a small startup named Embark, according to former Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Lessin, who drew her…