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With iOS 7 Looming, Should You Wait To Upgrade?

Apple‘s biggest change to iOS becomes available to the general public tomorrow. Ever since it was shown off in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the more colorful revamp to the company’s smartphone and tablet operating system has generated a lot of interest, both positive and negative.

App Discovery & Quality Remains a Challenge, Apple Adjusts Algorithm to Overcome It

The number of apps in the leading app stores – Apple’s App Store and Google Play – is overwhelming, at 900,000 active apps for the US App Store and over 1 million in Google Play. ‘This is great’ say Apple and Google (I imagine), ‘developers are keen to reach our users and there is so much choice and variety in our stores’. The key difficulty which they haven’t paid much attention to, however, is discovery; with so many apps, how do they expect users to find the ones which are most relevant and engaging to them?