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Federal government to cap wireless roaming rates charged by Canada’s telecom giants

Canada’s biggest telecom companies are facing a cap on the wireless roaming rates they charge smaller rivals for using their networks and could face fines for breaking rules that govern the industry.

Canada said to be falling behind in wireless innovation [Video]

Canada is being left behind in innovation in the wireless sector because lack of wholesale access to broadband networks, says the owner of a U.S. system that charges its customers an average of $21 US a month. Toronto-based firm offers U.S. cell service for $21 a month, but can’t buy bandwith here

ComScore bringing mobile measurement system to Canada

The rise in popularity of mobile devices is shifting how people consume media, just as much as the rise of the Internet itself did. And publishers and advertisers are hungry for more data about what exactly that mobile behaviour looks like. On Tuesday, comScore Inc. announced that it will be bringing its mobile measurement system, already in use in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, to Canada.

Analysis: Canada veto complicates BlackBerry, telecom deal making

When Canada blocked the sale of a fiber optic network to a company backed by an Egyptian telecom tycoon this week, it telegraphed its resolve to make national security paramount when considering whether to allow a foreign firm to acquire what it considers a strategic asset.

Why Canadian wireless carriers should be less scared about iPhone subsidies

New iPhone launches used to scare wireless carriers because subsidies took a big chunk out of their margins, but the launch of Apple Inc.’s two new smartphones may mark a shift in this dynamic.