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Industry skeptical of Canada’s wireless policies: summit organzer

Canada’s telecom industry appears skeptical that the federal government can really provide consumers with lower prices and more innovation in wireless communications by supporting new competitors and restraining the power of the bigger carriers.

Canada’s Mobile in Flight Restrictions are Relaxed

Canadian’s Transport Minister, Lisa Raitt, announced Monday that Canada will follow the United States and the European Union’s lead and relax some restrictions in regards to the use of mobile devices while on their airplanes while in flight, while maintaining a banned on the actual transmitting of information.

Federal government to cap wireless roaming rates charged by Canada’s telecom giants

Canada’s biggest telecom companies are facing a cap on the wireless roaming rates they charge smaller rivals for using their networks and could face fines for breaking rules that govern the industry.

Canada to BlackBerry: Canadian government won’t step in to lend a hand

Despite the mobile technology company’s ongoing struggles, the Canadian government won’t step in to lend a hand. If a turnaround is in the cards for the beleaguered mobile phone manufacturer BlackBerry, it must pull it off on its own. The Canadian government won’t lend a hand.