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Samsung on all fronts – Ericsson files patent suit!!

Samsung certainly doesn’t lack for courtroom enemies. As its patent war with Apple escalates, it now finds itself facing off with mobile infrastructure titan Ericsson, which is suing Samsung for allegedly infringing on its vast networking patent portfolio. According to Ericsson, Samsung entered into a licensing agreement with Ericsson in 2001 for the latter’s 30,000 patents relating to technologies ranging from Wi-Fi to GSM and LTE. They renewed the agreement in 2007, but after failing to reach a third renewal agreement following two years of negotiations, Samsung let the deal expire, Ericsson chief intellectual property officer Kasim Alfalahi said in a phone interview.


HTC doesn’t pay Apple $8 per Android phone it sells

After signing the 10 year licensing agreement earlier this month that resolved the patent breaches, it was popular belief that HTC would have to pay per device. HTC’s Peter Chou denies the recent reports of the $8 payment to Apple for every Android sold and stated that the media badly represented the case and found these claims to be “outrageous”. No details were given on the agreement.