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Google L the new Flavors of Android [Video]

Watch the video of Google previews the new design and the new user interface features for Android L. The new mobile OS will give users a totally new look and feel with enhanced notifications and amazing new performance.

Freemium apps account for 98 percent of worldwide Google Play revenue

pp Annie has released a report detailing the rapid growth of Google’s Play Store and the revenues it’s producing. After surpassing a million apps last summer, Android’s app repository now has more than 1.5 million, with downloads reportedly growing by 50 percent between 2013 and 2014. Income from those apps is increasing at an even faster pace, more than doubling last year’s totals.

7 Stats Show Mobile Marketing is Crucial for Your Business

Mobile marketing is here to stay; businesses across all possible niches are starting to implement mobile marketing strategies successfully. And they have compelling reasons to do so.

New Chip to Bring Holograms to Smartphones

In the future, virtual reality won’t require strapping a bulky contraption to your head.
Instead, imagine stepping into an empty room and then suddenly seeing life-size, 3-D images of people and furniture. Or looking down at a smartwatch and seeing virtual objects float and bounce above the wrist, like the holographic Princess Leia beamed by R2-D2 in the movie “Star Wars.”

iOS Leads Android in US, Canada Mobile Web Traffic Share: Study

In North America (Canada and the US), Windows Phone now accounts for the third largest share in mobile Web traffic, overtaking BlackBerry for the first time, according to a report by mobile ad network Chitika. The top spot remains a contest between iOS and Android, at 53.1 percent and 44.5 percent of all mobile Web traffic respectively, with Windows Phone accounting for only 1 percent of traffic, ahead of BlackBerry’s 0.8 percent.

Provide Commerce Acquires Sincerely to Make its E-Commerce Brands Mobile-Friendly

The e-commerce business behind Proflowers and called Provide Commerce has acquired mobile commerce startup Sincerely with the goal of expanding its mobile presence.

App looks to block mobile location tracking, but it won’t stop the NSA

Security firm AVG on Tuesday updated its PrivacyFix security app for Android devices to include mobile location tracking features that would prevent stores and advertisers to track users by monitoring their Wi-Fi connectivity habits.

Shopping through PayPal Mobile increased 91%

While the inevitable last minute gift purchasing will still take place, with this year’s shortened shopping window (for the first time since 2002, there are only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas), a growing number of consumers got an early jump.

Mobile payments are on the rise in Canada

Money transfers through mobile phones is picking up in a big way in the financial capital of Canada, Ontario, where the two-year old mobile payments industry is setting a new wave.
According to payment processing solutions provider Moneris Canada, 56 per cent of card transactions are debit and about 24 per cent are credit card.

White Paper: Cross-Screen Advertising and Responsive Design

Marketers Are Confident In Cross-Screen Campaigns Thanks To Responsive Design (Undertone) Cross-screen advertising is nothing new, what with the proliferation of mobile devices and consumer media consumption patterns now incorporating a second screen.