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Xiaomi Smartphone Maker is Apple and Samsungs New Rival [Video]

Xiaomi is a Chinese phone company that is growing massively. They plan to outsell Apple in China and slowly take over the world of Smartphone industry. This video by Bloomberg shows details how the company is managing its low price Smartphones and strategy to challenge Apple and Samsung. They sell high build quality device running  on Android Operating System.



Amazon announces new device unveiling, expected to be a 3D smartphone [Video]

Amazon has just announced revealing a new device at a press event in Seattle on June 18th, 2014. Many tech experts believe it could be a 3D smartphone. The company posted a video showing some reactions of users to the new device. Lets see…


Harvard Business Review: Mobile Has Changed The Path To Purchase Cycle

Mobile is turning “path to purchase” on its head. One of the most time-honored marketing concepts, that notion that a customer takes a predictable journey toward a sales transaction (in its earliest definition, starting with attention to a product, then moving to interest in it, then desire for it, and finally, action), has long provided the framework for marketers to strategize how to communicate with customers and exert influence.

5 Reasons Foursquare Is Losing The Social Local Mobile Revolution

Foursquare has been the darling of the burgeoning “SoLoMo”(social-local-mobile) revolution ever since the company burst onto the scene at South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2009. The company’s financial fortunes, however, have not been so sweet.

Smartphone review: Samsung Galaxy Note 2

There is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, a gutsy effort by Samsung to deliver something different in a smartphone. The lure of the Note 2 is a gamble of epic proportions. I’ve seen large phones before, but Samsung takes things to another level, letting its super-AMOLED screen grow to a whopping 5.5 inches.

RIM adds free call feature to BBM

In an effort to maintain momentum in its developing world strongholds, Research In Motion Ltd. has added a voice feature to its popular BlackBerry Messenger service that can be used when the smartphones are connected to a WiFi network.

Blackberry 10 Limps to Stores on Jan. 30 [Video]

The overhauled Blackberry 10 software will give Blackberry phones an integrated touch-screen experience, complete with Web browsing and apps—in other words, an experience similar to iPhone and Android devices, which have trounced the Blackberry over the past five years. The Blackberry 10 will be available only with a touchscreen at first, but a version with the traditional keyboard will follow shortly.

Nokia Lumia 820 review: a less expensive option for the Windows Phone crowd

The Lumia 820 has been tucked away behind the shadow of its bigger brother ever since it was revealed, but if any phone represents the Windows Phone 8 vision — different phones for different people — it’s this next-generation Lumia.

BlackBerry-maker RIM announces launch event date for new BlackBerry 10 smartphones

TORONTO — Research In Motion said Monday that it will hold an official launch event for its new BlackBerry 10 smartphones on Jan. 30. The new phones are seen as critical to RIM’s survival.The Waterloo, Ontario-based company said Monday details on the much-delayed smartphones and their availability will be announced at the event.

How to find a lost or stolen smartphone

Most smartphones either have built-in find-my-phone features or let you add them through third-party apps. The best-known among them would have to be Apple’s Find My iPhone, which will let you locate a missing phone (or iPad, iPod touch or Mac) using GPS