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Angry Birds Star Wars Update Available: Princess Leia!! [Video]

Angry Birds Star Wars gets an update with new levels on the planet Hoth for your Star Wars urges and pigtrooper-smashing, so get ready to see AT-AT Walkers and a whole lot of snow. The Rebel birds now have a recognizable character helping them out as well, Princess Leia.

HTC Windows Phone 8X Review! [Video]

Quick Review of the HTC Windows Phone 8X running on AT&T by the WPexperts. The 8X is fitted with a 4.3″ Super LCD screen, Near Field Communication, BEATS Audio, and an 8MP camera with BSI sensor that helps with low-light performance.


Blackberry 10 Limps to Stores on Jan. 30 [Video]

The overhauled Blackberry 10 software will give Blackberry phones an integrated touch-screen experience, complete with Web browsing and apps—in other words, an experience similar to iPhone and Android devices, which have trounced the Blackberry over the past five years. The Blackberry 10 will be available only with a touchscreen at first, but a version with the traditional keyboard will follow shortly.

Nokia Lumia 920 Drop Test [Video]

This is a drop test video on the Nokia Lumina 920. The phone drops from the waist, the chest and the head to show our viewers idea on how the phone will fare if you drop it in real life. Also, the drop test indicates the overall durability of the Nokia Lumia 920 phone.